Estate planning may be more than just drawing up a will and our attorneys will guide our clients in making the best decisions to address their concerns for protecting their assets and their loved ones. We will address concerns regarding the time and expense involved in probate of the estate; protecting assets or providing for a wiser use of your accumulated assets by your heirs; and, addressing concerns for care of the elderly.

Probate or administration of an estate may be required after the death of a loved one to transfer ownership of assets to their heirs. Our firm is dedicated to providing efficient and quality services in assisting in the administering of the deceased’s estate.

Trusts is an effective way of protecting assets and controlling the disposition of assets well after your death. Revocable trusts may allow you the flexibility of control over your assets during the trustor’s lifetime while irrevocable trusts are effective in protecting assets from both creditors and the potential misuse or squandering of assets by heirs. We are happy to help our clients navigate through the choices involved in an effective estate plan.